Semi-Smart: The IQI Watch


Smartwatches were around long before the Apple Watch, and have generally been accepted more-so by the tech crowd than by the watch enthusiast. Part of the reason for this separation has been the struggle to create something that pleases both the tech crowd with cool features while still pleasing the watch enthusiast by not resembling a small spacecraft on your wrist. While I can certainly appreciate how cool new technology is, I still prefer a traditional watch dial (or at least some resemblance of one) if I'm going to wear anything on my wrist at all. When Shenzhen IQI Technology said they were sending over one of their prototype samples I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box to see what appeared to be...a watch!

Let me say again that this watch you're seeing is not the finished product, which explains the lack of design finishing on dial. I've seen some of the new dial designs and they will be offering some more detail and higher finishing on the new watches when released. I'll update with new pics as soon as they are available. They can also do custom dials, cases and packaging.

Matching the minimalist design, the smart functions of the IQI Watch are also quite minimal. The setup is extremely easy. I searched for and downloaded the "酷奇Pai" app in the app store, and at first was worried that the language would be all Chinese. However I was relieved to see that the app is all in English and is very simple and easy to both understand and use. Opening the app, you're given a simple series of pages to input your personal information such as gender, height, weight and birth year. Based on your info, the app automatically sets a target goal and allows you to track your steps throughout the day and keep weekly or monthly records.

Along with pedometer, the watch also receives basic notifications via Bluetooth from your phone. Android and IOS are both supported. 5 small LED lights at the 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 o'clock positions light up in different combinations to signal various notifications including messages & phone calls, service interruptions (should you lose your phone signal or move out of range from your phone) and a few others. Along with the LED lights, the watch is also vibrates to signal notifications. The vibration is definitely strong enough to get your attention.

For info on how to order the IQI Watch, or to see other stuff from the company, check them out here.

Here's all the basic watch info, according to the IQI Watch website: