The Chinese Timekeeper Launches New Webstore

The Chinese Timekeeper has big changes for 2016, starting with the launch of their new website and online store. The French founder Adrien Choux (pictured below), a former marketing strategist for Panerai with over 15 years in China and Hong Kong, said that by moving online they hope to "...offer a more aggressive price point to our customers globally." CTK brings true Chinese heritage to life through their collection of proudly Chinese themed timepieces.

Before talking about the watches, let me just say that if you're interested in the history of timekeeping in China (or timekeeping in general), the new Chinese Timekeeper website is full of fascinating historical info. So who is The Chinese Timekeeper? Su Song (1020–1101 AD), whose image is also brand's logo, usually found at the 12 o'clock position, was a renowned astronomer and horologist (among many other things) who made critical advancements with his hydro-mechanical astronomical clock, which included one of the earliest escapement mechanisms.

CTK offers a handful of different models, all of which contained in a memorable and instantly recognizable case design. Each dial has some specific element of traditional Chinese culture, including the use of both green (CTK13, CTK14) and white (CTK18) jade, or the subtle Chinese pattern in the hands on other models including the sporty Special Edition with red accents pictured below. According to the website, most designs are limited to a small number of pieces and range anywhere from $990 to $1900 USD ($7700-$14800HKD).

The watches are constructed in Hong Kong by Swiss trained watchmakers, and use movements from respected Chinese factories Tianjin and Hangzhou. Check out the Chinese Timekeeper!

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