Introducing: JONAS & VERUS by FIYTA

Making their debut at the 2016 CWCF was JONAS & VERUS, a young brand from parent company FIYTA, aimed at a younger and more fashion-conscious demographic. While FIYTA continues to challenge norms both domestically and internationally with their bold and outgoing ideas (as covered here and here), these collections from JONAS & VERUS tone things back down and ride the minimalist train right onto the wrists of China’s most stylish 20-somethings.

One thing I’ve definitely noticed over the years during my time in China is how young people manage to stay on top of trends, even when working with a limited budget. An extended family member of mine, a buyer for one of the most prominent high-end department stores in the U.S., visited when I was in Beijing a few years back. This is a guy who rubs shoulders with the likes of Tom Ford and Nick Wooster, and I can recall his recurring commentary on how trendy the average young Beijinger seemed to be in comparison to the average young person in the west.

GALLERY: Throne Collection by JONAS & VERUS at CWCF 2016

While there are a lot – and I do mean A LOT – of rich young kids running around here spending money unconsciously with seemingly unlimited budgets, the majority of college graduates and young middle class workers still remain very thrifty. JONAS & VERUS aims to hit the sweet spot with 20-30 year old trendy shoppers who may not be able to afford luxurious timepieces, and I believe they’ve done just that with their simple and fashionable watches that focus on details, quality and individuality.


Another great feature about all JONAS & VERUS watches is the inclusion of quick change straps, making it easy to change your entire look on the go if need be. The first series is comprised of 3 collections featuring both quartz and mechanical movements. The first is appropriately named the Minimalism Collection, with watches appropriate for both men and women. The clean dial is bare with the exception of the JONAS & VERUS logo. The pieces are 40mm in diameter by only 6.8mm thick and use a Japanese quartz movement.

For women only there is the My Queen collection, some of which include a mother of pearl dial, as well as two bezel variations. These are a bit smaller and also feature a quartz movement.


The last is the Throne collection, which step up the watch game with an automatic movement and the addition of the date display on the dial. I was able to spend some time with a few of the Throne watches, seen above in a gallery of hands-on pics from the show in Shenzhen. These are very sharp watches, perfectly sized, and with a versatility that could be comfortable at the beach in a pair of boardshorts, or in the boardroom tucked tidily behind the cuffs of a suit.

For the watches featured here, prices range from 799RMB for the Minimalism collection, up to 1499RMB for the mechanical Throne collection with date display.

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