Why China? Good Question.

When thinking about watches, China may not be the first place that comes to mind. But make no mistake, China is already a huge player in the global watch industry. As China continues to grow, its reach into the world of horology can only get deeper and more involved.

Did you know: in order to be considered Swiss Made, only 51% of the value of the movement must be Swiss. (The only other requirement is that the last part be added in Switzerland). It's not widely known that many Swiss brands use Chinese parts and assembly on a large portion of the watches they import to the United States, Europe and Asia. It's not uncommon for a single Swiss watch to have a Chinese case and crystal, a Taiwanese dial and Japanese hands.

What does this mean? The fact that many of your favorite Swiss made brands use Chinese parts and assembly should not be a cause for concern where quality is involved. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Chinese producers are very well respected by those in-the-know, which is why the Swiss watch industry relies heavily on Chinese partnerships and involvement.

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