Alberta Museum of Chinese Horology in Peace River

For a wonderful look at the China through the lens of the watch industry, follow the travels and experiences of my Good friend Ron, who is one of the most knowledgeable collectors of both modern and vintage Chinese mechanical watches. Since 2008 he has traveled extensively throughout China meeting with the industry's top tier of leadership. He is the leader of the China Watch Overseas Working Committee (see below), and the only non-Chinese person granted an honorary membership into the China Horologe Association. You can also find Ron contributing daily as albertatime on various forums.

China Watch Overseas Working Committee

The CWOWC is a formally instituted Working Committee under the direction of the China Horologe Association, the governing body for clock and watch production in China. The working group is comprised of:

  • East Watch Review contributor, Ron Good (Canada)
  • East Watch Review Founder & Editor, Brad Green (USA)
  • Robin Tallendier (France) Warwick University/WBS student on exchange with Peking University, Beijing
  • Boey Chern Yue (Singapore) a well-regarded & knowledgeable collector of VCMs and (especially) of modern Beijing Watch Factory watches

Chinese Watch Wiki

Comprehensive source for all things China watch industry related, including history, brands, factories and movements.

Vintage, Vintage & More Vintage

Vintage Chinese Mechanical Watches (VCM's) are becoming increasingly popular among collectors because their broad range, fascinating history, and affordability. Until recently it's been a relatively niche side of watch collecting, and here are a few who have been in the game for a long time. One is Ron Good (listed above), and here are a few more:

If you're a collector of either vintage or modern Chinese watches and you have a place online where you showcase your pieces, please get in touch and we'll be happy to add your link here!