ORCA - Handmade Timepiece by 20 Year Old Chinese Student

Don't be fooled by the headline -- this student is actually one of China's most widely regarded watch experts. Logan Rao Kuan, a 20 year old Chinese student currently enrolled and studying in England, is an extremely knowledgeable collector of all things horological. He's also well known as a trusted watch writer, reviewer and moderator for the largest watch forum in China, and a person whose opinions are valued up there with some of the top in the industry

Logan also has his own page on the social media platform Wechat where he regularly posts reviews, commentary, high quality images and other original watch-related content. I'm fortunate to have met Logan last year, and have been following his official page on Wechat for a while. When I first laid eyes on this piece, I couldn't wait to chat him up and hear more about it.

(pictures from original wechat article, used with permission from Logan Kuan Rao)

The original case, hands and dial are all sterling silver, while the customized movement parts are lead brass alloy. The movement itself is a hybrid of several existing movements. Logan told me he's been dabbling in designing and making watches by hand for some time, but this prototype is was the first piece he wanted to go public with. He already has plans for the next version, which will include a free-sprung balance, rhodium plated movement and a solid gold ORCA bridge.

Inspired by the greats like George Daniels, and with architects as parents, good taste and design are all apparently in Logan's DNA. I'm a huge fan of everything about this watch; from the subtle but finely finished 2-hand dial, to the curves and smooth angles of the case, and of course the very special orca-themed movement features. This watch quietly screams originality and class.

He did make it clear that he's holding on to this piece, but fortunately for a few lucky people he will be selling his limited future editions to cover the cost of machinery and tools he purchased to make this dream come out of the sea onto dry wrist. No word on prices or availability, but when I know you'll know. 

Brush up on your Chinese, download Wechat on your mobile phone and scan this QR code to follow more from Logan Kuan Rao. It's safe to say that's a name we want to become familiar with.


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