2nd China Horologe Design Competition

Last week the winners were announced for the 2nd China Horologe Design Competition. The contest, held every two years, was for both real and concept watches and clocks. The Grand Prize went to a clock designed by the first name on the list below, Mǎ Xùshǔ. Following the Grand Prize there were 3 Gold winners, 10 Silver, 15 Bronze, and many more honorable mentions. The following is a roundup of the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners on the watch side of the competition. The original article can be found here



'Winged Orthostatic Tourbillon' - Designer: Mǎ Xùshǔ (马旭曙)

Also worth noting is that Mǎ Xùshǔ was honored this year as the only Chinese watchmaker granted membership into the Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants. 

(pictures below credited to: puristpro.com)

Fiyta Men's Extreme 3D Skeleton Limited Edition Automatic Watch - Designer: Sūn Lěi (孙磊) 

Very interesting watch which I've had on the wrist. Light as a feather. Due to the angles and lighting where I was at the time it was impossible for me to get photos worthy of posting here without my trusty photographer with me. I do plan on posting a more thorough review of this watch soon. This watch also won a prestigious Red Dot design award for its creativity. No surprise there...as far as brands go, Fiyta is definitely ahead of the pack for a reason.


'Four Seasons' - Designer: Mǐ Chánghóng (米长虹)

A series of 4 straw mosaic watches carefully crafted to represent each of the 4 seasons. Mr. Mi is also the founder of and designer of Longio Watches, one of the most unique and interesting watch brands in the country.

Peacock SL5301K Coaxial Double Tourbillon - Designer: Peacock Watch Company (辽宁孔雀表业有限公司)

Jiaolong Dive Watch - Designer: Sòng Xiǎowēi (宋晓薇)

Probably on my top 5 list of Chinese dive watches. Look for a review soon.

Dolphin Motion Watch by Tianjin Seagull - Designer: Liú Yīnglín (刘英璘)

One of the more memorable pieces by Tianjin Seagull from the 2015 Hong Kong show. It features two dolphins that appear to be moving, swimming in circles, behind the openings in the dial. Much more visually interesting in person.

Round Table Concept Watch for Fiyta - Designer: Sūn Lěi (孙磊)

'Carbon X' - Independent Designer: Dèng Shǎoxióng (邓少雄)


Fiyta Photographer Limited Edition GA8488.BBB - Designer Sūn Lěi (孙磊)

Read a review of the non-limited edition watch here

'Rotating Tourbillon Watch' for Shanghai Watch Company - Designer: Xià Zhēnyì (夏臻毅)

Ladies Watch by Zhangzhou Hongyuan Watch Co. (漳州宏源表业有限公司)  

'The Passage Of Time' for Tianjin Seagull Watch Factory - Designer: Fù Yù (傅裕)

Fiyta 'Roadster' - Designer: Gāo Réngdōng (高仍东)

Ebohr 'StarCraft 2' - Designer: Fù Chángqīng (傅长青)

Honestly I'm surprised Ebohr didn't finish higher in the competition. They're making some very high quality and elegant watches, like this beautiful Flying Orbital Tourbillon I reviewed here.

Ladies Masters Series for Fiyta - Designer: Wāng Wén (汪雯)

Watch 7647 for Rossini - Designer: Liáng wǔ (梁武)

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