NEWS: China Horologe Association announces the The China Watch Overseas Working Committee

This photo taken in Beijing shows Mr. LiWei, Group Leader of the Working Group of the Domestic Horologe Department of the CHA, with Mr. Wang Mengjin, the Vice-Chairman of the CHA, presenting CWOWC member Robin Tallendier with his copy of the official CHA announcement.

The China Horologe Association announces the creation of The China Watch Overseas Working Committee as a formal committee nominated by the China Horologe Association. All four of the members of this new Committee have developed strong and mutually supportive ties with the the China Horologe Association and its member collectors, companies and executives. 

The Committee is described in more detail in the translation Robin provided, seen below.

Committee members:

Ron Good (Canada) of the Alberta Museum of Chinese Horology in Peace River (AMCHPR) (AlbertaTime/f72 moderator at WUS), and honorary member of the CHA. 

Brad Green (USA), East Watch Review Founder and Executive Editor.

Boey Chern Yue (Singapore) Boey is a well-regarded and very knowledgeable collector of VCMs and (especially) of modern Beijing Watch Factory watches.

Robin Tallendier (France) Robin is a UK student on exchange with Peking University in Beijing. 

That's us…

The following is photos of the original plus a translation kindly provided by Robin.

In recent years, our domestic watch and clocks collection commission/group promoting domestic watch and clock collection witnessed that the enthusiasm of the overseas clock and watch collectors attention has been caused, and through their main website, they widely publicized Chinese clocks and watches products, supporting the development of domestic clocks and watches. 

What they have done is advantageous for Chinese products' development in the world market, and they have received welcomes from the [Chinese] domestic watch and clock brands. 

In order to integrate sources at home and abroad, and doing some further service for industry development, strengthening the construction of committee, promoting the work effectively, we decided to establish an overseas working group. This decision was proposed by the domestic watch and clock group, and maintain the admission from the office of collection commission. Now arrange the related things as below:

One. Name: China Watch Overseas Working Committee

Two. Assignment:

1. We take the responsibility of promoting the Chinese horologe culture to our countries and the development of Chinese horologe brands and their advantages or related matters are also included.
2. We organize the communication between horologe collectors from our countries and Chinese collectors;
3. We write features and news or other kinds of articles about our business areas and post it on magazines or websites.
4. We carry out all kinds of works delegated by China Horological Association collection commission.

Three. Institutional framework and the person selected.

The overseas group will set one chief expert (nominate Ronald); three implementation experts (Brad, Boey, Robin)

And so far the specific works will be assigned by Chinese Horologe Association.

I think I very safely speak for all four of us when I say that we're all honoured to be given this opportunity to work more directly with the Chinese watch industry, with the support and direction of the CHA. 

I've been fortunate to meet the other members of this committee face-to-face while in China (I envy all three of them the fact they get to spend more time there than I do ) my personal note here is that I couldn't be happier to have this closer association with three very gracious gentlemen, and I'm grateful to the CHA for being included. Looking forward to see where this leads…

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