800,000RMB ($129,000 USD) Enamel Dials by Artist Xiong Songtao

From his workshop an hour outside of Beijing, cloisonne enamel artist, Xiong Songtao creates these intricate dials. From an article I recently found on icrosschina.com:

"His first cloisonne enamel dial sold for 800,000 yuan at Beijing Poly Autumn Auction in 2012. At just 33mm in diameter, it featured 10 different flowers outlined with gold wire of 0.04mm in diameter - thinner than a human hair."

I'm not personally not a big fan of intricate artwork on a watch dial, but I do have a lot of respect for anyone with this kind of incredible ability. I looked around a bit on his own website and learned that he's also created dials for Piaget, Cartier, a dome clock for Maison Patek Phillipe in Shanghai, and of course a lot of work for Chinese watch brands.

If you're into this kind of thing, a google image search of 松涛 will bring up a lot of cool enamel art, including many watch dials.

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