Guangzhou Automatic with Day, Date, Month & 24 Hour Display Watch Review

If you had a chance to read about the history of watchmaking in china, (or my more recent article about my trip to the Guangzhou Five Goats Watch Company factory), you'll recall that Guangzhou was one of the original 8 cities where watch factories were established in 1958. So for the entire history of watchmaking in China, short as it may be, the company behind the Guangzhou and Dixmont brands has continued a steady output of quality mechanical and automatic timepieces. Even managing to battle through the quartz crisis, when many of the other original 8 factories were shut down.

Typically I'm not crazy about watches with 4 sub-dials, as things can tend to get a bit overcrowded. But for me it works on this watch because of the perfect symmetry of the sub-dials combined with the minimal use of color. The complications of this watch are basically that of a calendar. So if you happen to forget (a) the time (b) the day (c) the date and (d) the month -- worry not! It's all right there on your wrist. In all seriousness though, I do find this watch extremely handsome with the combination of black and dark grays against the polished stainless steel case. The tinge of red at the tips of the small hands brings a little fun, and at 42mm fit my wrist comfortably. It also features a 24 hour display on the sub-dial at six o'clock. 

The majority of the Guangzhou watches come either with a stainless steel bracelet or a leather strap, like this one. Nice detailing on the buckle with the Guangzhou logo. I changed out the strap for a few nato's and though it worked very well. The case back is open to view the movement. Simple as it may appear (in comparison to some more extravagant Swiss brands) the movement does show the craftsmanship of more than 50 years of watchmaking. 

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