Dixmont Automatic with Date, 24 Hour Display & Power Reserve Indicator Watch Review

There's been a lot of interesting comments and opinions over the last few weeks about the necessity of a power reserve indicator on the watch face. From the comments on facebook and here on EWR, here is a bit of what people had to say:

- "I do feel that a PSI is necessary to keep your watch running to full capacity on a daily basis."
- "I like the idea of the power reserve. I generally don't need it as I keep my automatic watches on a winder. Having said that, it is nice to have a visual indicator that the mainspring is staying wound, even wearing throughout the day. When I travel, it is a nice utility (I take the watch off at night, and next morning can see how much power is left, but gets "filled up" so to speak when wearing)."
- "I wind my Breitling 20 times every evening so an indicator isn't really necessary for me but cool none the less."
- "I personally like the power reserve feature and also believe it is useful. While many watches can get too busy or cluttered in my opinion, I don't feel that this Dixmont is one of them. For automatic watches that use a number of separate dials, I have seen watches that provide a small window in the exhibit back for power reserve reference."
- "I would really appreciate a power reserve indicator on any mechanical watch as long as it fits in the dial."

I think this last comment pretty much sums up my opinion on the matter. "...as long as it fits in the dial." Let's be honest, we all have the most accurate timepieces on our smart phone. So when it comes to necessity of complications, it is for the most part simply a matter of taste and personal preference. I would say that a power reserve indicator, while less common, might be more functionally necessary than more popular complications, like the chronograph. I love the chronograph, but how many times would I actually use it on a daily basis? Weekly? Monthly? With an automatic or manual watch, knowing how much power is left does seem quite handy.

On this watch, the off centered power reserve indicator works for me. It's large enough to read clearly without overpowering (no pun intended) the rest of the dial. There's also a 24 hour display at the 12 o'clock position; another complication that I'm not sold on the necessity of, but one that is popular in China nonetheless. The date window at 3 o'clock could have been a touch larger in my opinion, but I guess squeezing the Dixmont logo was equally as important for the brand.

Overall the watch is comfortable on the wrist. I think it could have also benefited from a tapered bracelet, rather than staying 20mm all the way around, but for the cost I think you get what you pay for here. Sporty white dial with handsome case...overall I'm digging the Dixmont.

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