Koncise Beauty


More often than not I'm a simple-watch kind of guy. When thinking about making a purchase, I'm going to naturally gravitate toward watches that are versatile and practical, sturdy, legible, and not over-designed. That's just me. With that said...a big part of the reason for my taste is because, quite simply, that's all I can afford.

Since I started this little project I've met some awesome people and been able to wear some watches that would normally go right over my head. Rarely do I have the opportunity to sit down and really enjoy the beauty and the craftsmanship that goes into creating something as elegant as a Koncise watch.

Koncise is a luxury watch brand from Beijing founded by Mr. Kong Ling Jun. His watches are known for their exquisitely detailed hand painted enamel dials. Since being introduced to China in the 17th century (facts according to the Koncise website), enamel was immediately embraced by the elite and became a symbol of status and nobility. Mr. Kong proudly incorporates traditional Chinese cultural references on his dials, each of which takes over 3 months to complete by one of his highly skilled enameling team members.

Koncise watches may be proudly Chinese on the outside, but they also stay up to par where the time is concerned using ETA 2824 movements in their men's watches, ETA 2671 in the women's.

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