Rossini 6633G01B Watch Review


Rossini, based out of Zhuhai in southern China, and is a company that I've grown to have a lot of respect for in my time learning about Chinese watches and Chinese watch brands. If you haven't had a chance to read about my trip to the Rossini factory, you should definitely check that out. Perhaps uncommon for Chinese companies in general, Rossini has spared no expense in their attempt to modernize the company, setting a new positive tone for the reputation of the Chinese watch industry.

A watchmaker hard at work in the modern Rossini watchmaking facilities in Zhuhai.

When I was touring the company and showroom, a few watches stood out from among the others. While most of the Rossini watches are designed (and rather well) by their in-house designers, they did partner with a team of Swiss designers for a few watches in their most recent collection. I've been wearing the Rossini 6633G01B for a few weeks now, and it's safe to say that it has found a comfortable home on my wrist.

The Rossini 6633G01B uses a Miyota movement. The case is stainless steel but has a nice rose gold finish, which I happen to love. Rose gold seems to be more popular these days among men, and I think the softer color is cool and compliments more skin tones. The Rossini name along the bezel just over the crown looks sharp and brings a needed balance to the front of the watch when considering the heavy perimeter around the 24-hour dial. The case is 45mm, which surprised me a bit (didn't think to measure it until after I had worn it for a few days...) because it seems to wear a bit smaller, and definitely a lot more comfortable, than other 45mm watches that I've worn. It comes with a comfortable black or brown leather strap and uses a butterfly clasp with the company name featured proudly on the polished finish.

Put frankly, this is just a very handsome watch. It has all the right touches in all the right places making it interesting but yet still relatively simple in its beauty. Visit the Rossini website, or check out their online shops here. And for some great advice about how to navigate shopping on a Chinese website, read this in-depth article by my good friend and expert on all things China-watch-related, Ron Good.

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