Ebohr Complication Experience N°2 Automatic Watch

The EC, or Ebohr Complication series is the top of the line from the Shenzhen based Chinese watch brand. EC pieces can range from around $600 up to around $15000 for the amazing Orbital Tourbillon that we got our hands on here. I've had my eye on this piece, Experience N°2, for sometime since seeing it a shop here in Guangzhou. I was happy to get to spend a bit more time appreciating it during a visit with the company last week.

Normally I'm not crazy about disproportionate dials, I'll be honest, but there are several cool features of this watch that make me forget all about that. This is definitely a watch that pictures don't do justice, and seeing it in person is an entirely difference experience.

The thing that really attracts me to this watch is the subtle mixture of traditional with non-traditional hands. The minutes are displayed with a traditional hand, but the hours are displayed by a semi-transparent disc with a simple clean line coming to a point at the hour location. Sneaking up from behind the time display is a day night indicator made of a double-sided hand with one end representing the sun and the other a crescent moon. When it's daytime, the crescent moon is still visible as it passes behind the transparent disc.

There's something almost galactic about this watch, with the various layers of depth, circular themes and the futuristic hour disc, which somehow come together to make a very busy dial seem not so cluttered. To make room for all that action on the dial, the watch is a bit on the larger size, at 43mm x 13mm thick. The strap is a very comfortable leather in sort of a deep cherry red color. It's also available in a few color options and also with a stainless bracelet. Their website lists the retail at 4280RMB, or around $650 USD.

Available on their T-Mall shop one sale now.

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