Watch Winner Review: Dixmont Automatic


Editors Note: Travis, winner of the last Giveaway, wrote in to tell us about his experience over the last few months with his new Dixmont Automatic from the  Guangzhou Five Goats Watch Company. Here's what he had to say:

I want to thank East Watch Review and Guangzhou Five Goats Watch Company for providing this Dixmont automatic mechanical watch.


When I received the email that I had one the first EWR monthly giveaway, I could not believe what I was reading. I never win anything, especially something that I could potentially use daily.

First Impressions

This watch was not what I was expecting and was pleasantly surprised with the overall fit and finish of this piece. This is the first Chinese mechanical watch that I have owned and I was not sure what to expect. Over the past month I have been impressed at how this Dixmont has both performed and felt on my wrist. I usually gravitate toward chronographs and aviator style watches but was in need of a nice looking watch with a dressier feel. The stainless steel bezel, case and bracelet combined with a white dial makes this watch at home in multiple occasions.

The Watch

The Dixmont Automatic 24 Hour Display is a medium size watch with a stainless steel case measuring 42mm wide not counting the crown, and has an easy to read dial. I really like how the face of the watch is split up into different textures while remaining the same color. The white dial starts as somewhat grainy in texture at the bezel and then has a thin smooth band inward from the indices before transitioning to a sun beam appearance that focuses on the center of the dial. These very slight details give this watch a more expensive feel and adds to the overall look of the watch. I love how easy it is to read the power reserve meter but only wish the date window was as easy to read. The watch has a display back case that I enjoy on all mechanical watches even though there is very little finish elements applied to the functionality of the movement. I cannot comment on the anti-reflective finish of the crystal as nothing is advertised, but readability is easily accomplished and glare is minimal.

My Conclusion

I am very pleased with my new Dixmont watch and will have to say that I have changed my outlook toward Chinese watches. With knowledge comes perspective and I feel like the more I learn about some of these lesser-known brands like those featured here on East Watch Review, the more I understand that quality doesn't always need to come with a Swiss Made label. I am proud to add a Chinese watch to my small but growing collection, and I hope to see many years of service out of this piece!

Thanks to East Watch Review and Dixmont for this great giveaway!

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